Why Background Screening ? 

You are known by the company you keep. And a company is known by the people it employs. The best companies build cultures of integrity, beginning with the people they hire.

Employee-related frauds, if not detected right when the candidate enters the system, exposes the entire organisation to risk in many forms. Inflated salary slips, exaggerated past designations and misleading academic history can cause damage to the bottom-line month on month while the employee is still in the system. Criminal history, questionable political affiliations and a negative personality can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation and future earning potential. Lastly, the wrong hire makes the workplace unsafe for both clients and employees alike.

Background verification of hires prevents all the above and contributes greatly to the elevation of India’s Integrity Index.

The SecUR Secret

An enterprise is as good as the processes they drive. A fanatical adherence to processes forms the DNA of the SecUR credo. Once you experience our drive to continuously introspect and innovate our background screening systems, you will begin to understand the SecUR secret to success. Our verification processes take into account the dynamics of the complex Indian ecosystem to deliver exceptional quality within defined timelines.

Welcome to SecUR Hello

Are you still spending time, money, effort and valuable HR energy on your on-boarding process? 

When SecUR partners with you for Background Screening, we commit to taking the on-boarding process off your hands and providing seriously good quality all-inclusive customer service. We ensure end-to-end documentation along with background screening of the candidate at zero additional cost .

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