SecUR IPO Synopsis

SecUR Credentials Ltd IPO Synopsis

Capital Market | November 11, 2017 |

Public issue of 14,67,000 equity shares of face value of 10.00 each of secur credentials limited (“The Company” or “The Issuer”) for cash at a price of (Rs)205.00 per equity share (including a share premium of (Rs)195.00 per equity share) (“issue price”) aggregating to (Rs)30.07 crores (“the issue”). of the issue, 75,000 equity shares aggregating to (Rs)1.54 crores will be reserved for subscription by market maker (“market maker reservation portion”). The issue less the market maker reservation portion i.e. Issue of 13,92,000 equity shares of face value of (Rs)10.00 each at an issue price of (Rs)205.00 per equity share aggregating to (Rs)28.54 crores is hereinafter referred to as the “net issue”. The issue and the net issue will constitute 30.01% and 28.48%, respectively of the post issue paid up equity share capital of the company. The face value of the equity shares is (Rs)10 each and the issue price of (Rs)205 is 20.50 times of the face value.

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#3 Key Lessons

#3 Key Lessons Entrepreneurs Learnt From Demonetization

Entrepreneur India | November 9, 2017 |

Though Rahul Belwalkar, CEO, SecUR Credentials is yet to see the long-term effect of demonetization, he feels integrity has never been this important before as India is getting ready for global standards in compliance and business practices.“Increased transparency is the way of the future and for India to ride its wave of growth, adherence to due diligence is imperative. Some initial teething issues notwithstanding, demonetization has had an overall positive impact on the country with increased trust in the ease of setting up and conducting business and decreased the likelihood of dealing with dishonest elements,” he said

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SecUR Credentials -Team

Secur Credentials: Thought-Leader in Background Verification Space

Digital Learning | November 6, 2017 |

With 15 years of experience and 300+ workforce, Secur Credentials has streamlined background verification process through innovation and technology says, Rahul Belwalkar, Chief Executive Officer, Secur Credentials, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN). On the back of today’s high attrition rates and GDP growth rates, overall employment is hitting new highs. Background verification is a practice that was heretofore carried out by companies abroad and by their offshore units as a matter of protocol. Now in the globalised world, it is a standard operating procedure and a matter of due diligence for different companies and institutes.

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SecUR Credentials -CEO Rahul Belwalkar

Subscribe to SecUR Credentials: Investment Imperative

Entrepreneur | November 3, 2017 |

While working for CRP Risk Management Limited, an organization addressing background verification complaints and mainly operating in the bank and insurance space, Rahul Belwalkar realized that the background screening industry in India was relatively underdeveloped as compared to the US market.
The US background screening industry is pegged at about USD 2billion while the Indian counterpart is estimated to be around INR 300 crore.

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SecUR - Initial_public_offering

Subscribe to SecUR Credentials: Investment Imperative

Money Control | November 1, 2017 |

SecUR Credentials Ltd is a global background screening and due diligence service provider company headquartered in Mumbai with FY17 topline of Rs. 10.1 crores. The company is promoted by Rahul Belwalkar with more than 2 decades of experience in background screening and BFSI. Background screening or background verification of employees to be recruited is critical to the process of Human Capital Management and an all-important risk mitigation tool for the HR organizations. Hence the verification and due diligence solutions provided by the company aid clients in significantly reducing the risk of a bad hire.

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SecUR - SME IPO opens

SecUR Credentials Ltd. SME IPO opens on 1st November 2017 and closes on 3rd November 2017

India| November 1, 2017  |

Mumbai based SecUR Credentials Ltd. will enter the capital market with an IPO of 14,67,000 equity shares of Rs.10 each at a price of Rs. 205 per share, aggregating up to Rs. 30.07 crore. The issue opens on 1st November 2017 and closes on 3rd November 2017. Bids can be made for a minimum 600 equity shares and in multiples of 600 equity shares thereafter.

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SecUR - Economic Times

SecUR Credentials IPO to open on 1 November

The Economic Times | October 31, 2017  |

The IPO page of SecUR Credentials Ltd. captures the details on its Issue Open Date, Issue Close Date, Listing Date, Face Value, Price band, Issue Size, Issue Type, and Listing Date’s Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Close price and Volume. It also captures the Holding Period Returns and Annual Returns.

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SecUR Credentials IPO to open on 1 November

Live Mint| October 30, 2017  |

SecUR Credentials Ltd on Monday said it will kick off its Rs30 crore initial public offering (IPO) on 1 November and the shares would be offered at a price of Rs 205 apiece. The Mumbai-based employee background screening firm would be selling 14.67 lakh shares and the offer is expected to be worth little over Rs30 crore. The IPO will close on 3 November.

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IPO Review

IPO Informations

Smart Investor | October 28, 2017  |

Public issue of 14,67,000 equity shares of face value of 10.00 each of secur credentials limited (The Company or The Issuer) for cash at a price of Rs. 205.00 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 195.00 per equity share) (issue price) aggregating to Rs. 30.07 crores (the issue). of the issue, 75,000 equity shares aggregating to Rs. 1.54 crores will be reserved for subscription by market maker (market maker reservation portion). The issue less the market maker reservation portion i.e. Issue of 13,92,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10.00 each at an issue price of Rs. 205.00 per equity share aggregating to Rs. 28.54 crores is hereinafter referred to as the net issue. The issue and the net issue will constitute 30.01% and 28.48%, respectively of the post issue paid up equity share capital of the company.The face value of the equity shares is Rs.10 each and the issue price of Rs.205 is 20.50 times of the face value.

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IPO Review

SecUR Credentials Ltd IPO Review, Date, Price, DRHP

Stock Maniacs | October 27, 2017  |

SecUR Credentials Ltd is engaged in the business of Background Screening and Due Diligence. This company’s headquartered in Andheri, Mumbai. SecUR Credentials Ltd is one of the very few India-based BGC companies to be a member of the prestigious US-based National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), APAC Chapter, which is the umbrella body of the largest BGC companies around the globe. The company is coming up with a new issue in the emerge exchange. Let me take you through the SecUR Credentials Ltd IPO review, date, price and DRHP through this post.

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Hiring? ‘SecUR’ against an axe murderer now

The Indian Express | October 9, 2017  |

Every day, numerous cases of fake qualification and experience certificates are furnished while applying for jobs. Many companies spend a considerable amount of time to verify the authenticity of resumes. In fact, IT/ITeS constitutes around two-thirds of the BGC (background verification process) market here. A company aims to deal with this problem across job sectors through the use of a unique, ‘SecUR’ number for employees that can be accessed by companies and be verified instantly.

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HR is both, an organisation’s greatest asset, as well as one of the biggest windows of risk

Express BPD | October 3, 2017  |

The SecUR team has a background of risk management experience, across industries and processes. With a collective experience of close to a 100 years, across the leadership team, whenever we discussed risk management practices (beyond the financial and information security risk most organisations tend to cover), we realised that the Human Resource is both – the organisation’s greatest asset, as well as one of the biggest (and most under-estimated) windows of risk. Any employee, who is not really what he/she appears to be on paper, is a huge internal threat to the organisation. This realisation is what inspired us to set up a venture focused on filtering out this risk, and to make the workplace safer.

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Conman lands lucrative job by posing as PMO official in emails sent to CEOs

Money Control | September 13, 2017  |

Karan Bhalla, 30-year old man who was unable to land any job, decided to take things to the next level by posing as an IAS Officer posted working as a joint secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office and sending emails to the CEOs of various companies, says a report in Indian Express. What’s more surprising is that within five months he actually ended up landing a job at a major events management company in Gurgaon.

Bhalla even managed to get visas for US and Germany after sending emails to embassies by using the same tactic.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Speed up Recruitment Processes

Entrepreneur | September 11, 2017 |

For any organisation, a strong work force is its back bone. The realisation that human capital — as it is now referred to — is core to an organization’s success, has led to an increased emphasis on effective recruitment.

One of the greatest challenges in recruitment though has been in identifying the right candidate among scores of applications. To fill a single position, a recruiter will have to sift through at least 50-60 resumes, which raises the possibility of human error while selecting a candidate.

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This ID Can Hunt Down Fake Job Credentials: Check Out How

Profit NDTV | September 7, 2017  |

A leading verification company has launched an easy way to check fake attributes posted by job seekers in their CVs. SecUR, one of India’s largest background verification companies, has launched a 10-digit code called SecUR Number that can help candidates and employers pre-verify their resumes. The facility which is available to entry as well as senior level candidates will give a detailed verification report of a particular job seeker to himself as well as to his prospective employer within 30 days. The SecUR Number unlocks an independent background verification report - purchased by the job-seeker - which pre-verifies key information on his/her resume.

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Background Verification Impacts the Culture of an Organisation

Tech Story | September 5, 2017  |

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies today and is predicted to overtake China in the coming years. Ernst and Young has predicted that the Indian workforce will swell to 900 million by 2020, to meet the growing human capital requirements. This new workforce will require enhanced skills that match the growing demands of their employer.

To meet this requirement, recruitment managers and HR personnel have already begun to adopt modern employment procedures. One such procedure is background verification checks on potential employees.

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Using Aadhaar, PAN to weed out fake resumes: Here’s how start-up SecUR Credentials will do it using 10-digit code

First Post | September 4, 2017  |

A resume is not enough anymore to prove your credentials for a job. Increasingly, employers prefer to get a background verification of the candidates seeking jobs. However, background verification is an often underplayed aspect of employment, relevant only to Human Resource (HR) personnel in charge of talent and acquisition. Some of the most fudged details are education and information pertaining to work experience.

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End of fake resumes? Now, 10-digit code launched for instant background verification

Money Control | August 31, 2017  |

The days of fake resumes floating in the job market could be numbered with a 10-digit code being launched that will help candidates pre-verify their resume. Background verification company SecUR Credentials has launched the 10-digit code (SecUR Number) that will be available to candidates from entry level to senior levels.

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‘Don’t chase valuation, chase the right partner’ — 40 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Your Story | August 28, 2017  |

From product to partners, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 40 gems and insights from the week of August 21-27 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

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Bootstrapped SecUR Credentials answers the question: is this resume falsified

Your Story | August 24, 2017  |

Mumbai-based SecUR Credentials is a risk management firm that helps verify employee backgrounds. Founded last year, the firm claims revenue of Rs 10 crore during FY 2016-17.

Every founder, no matter what stage his or her company is at, finds hiring a challenge. Looking at profiles, checking backgrounds, talking to friends, families and references — the entire hiring process is tedious. But even after several checks and balances there aren’t any guarantees whether the candidate is the right fit.

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Increase productivity by effectively addressing employee grievances

People Matters | August 23, 2017  |

In a professional set up, every employee is accountable for their performance and each employer is responsible for smooth functioning of the organization. However, a professional or personal discord pertaining to corporate laws, assessments or roles and responsibilities, is likely to arise at some point, which may result in dissatisfaction of the employees. Employers must attempt to address and alleviate such issues to the best of their ability in order to minimise discontentment and maximise productivity.

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