SecUR Number: Candidate Self-Verification Tool 

More that 30% of candidates lie on their resume’s about past employment details, salary, residential address or criminal record an inflated CV causes damage to your bottom line, month-on-month, while the candidate is still in the system one wrong hire can tarnish the work-place, its productivity, and the entire company’s reputation

When, on an average, there are 118 candidates applying for one vacancy, a pre-verified resume showcasing the authenticity of the candidate’s claims is a breath of fresh air. Add to that the fact that background screening in India is a trend that is catching on, especially in start-ups for whom valuations mean life or death. Any HR will attest to the value of a pre-verified resume and the ease it brings to the hiring process.

The SecUR Number is a 10 digit code which enables this benefit by providing a comprehensive verification report that meets industry benchmarks for background checks. Accessible online, this report will aid one in going the extra mile with their prospective employer by showcasing one’s integrity. The employer can then easily access the report with the help of the 10 digit number and download all the authentication proofs in the report.

Fast, Simple, and Reliable Background Self-Verification Service Brought to Your Device