What is a SecUR Number

The SecUR Number is a 10 digit code that job seekers include on their resume. It unlocks a comprehensive resume verification report for their potential employers.

By including a SecUR Number on their resume, job seekers state unequivocally that they value integrity and initiative. SecUR Credentials, a trusted third party, diligently pre-verifies their key resume information.

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SecUR Number covers the primary background check points most commonly desired by corporates

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Benefits to Job seekers

Your choices dictate your career trajectory

The benefits of including a SecUR Number on your resume are tangible. But they rest largely on how much you value integrity and initiative, traits that HR find highly appealing.

Branding your resume with a SecUR Number makes you stand out in a very competitive market place.

It can truly be the final link to your dream job

Benefits to Employers

Rethink the present to drive a better future

Job seekers who proactively get their resume pre-verified are more likely to be great resources. They have demonstrated their drive, initiative, sense of responsibility and transparency. Not to mention the saving time, energy and money of their future employers.

In a responsible market, the onus of certifying the authenticity of the resume rests with the job seeker. The BGC budgets would be better utilised on nurturing, training and development of talent.

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“Do you have a SecUR Number?”

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